Panama Exports

Export Statistics

The Georgia Tech Panama Logistics Innovation and Research Center developed a tool for public use where statistics can be obtained and information on the movement of Panamanian exports can be analyzed.

These data exclude information from the Colon Free Zone, the Panama Pacific Special Economic Area, Free Zones, Warehouses and Oil Free Zones.

For more information, you can access the INEC Foreign Trade Statistics Query System: (available only in Spanish).

Source: National Institute of Statistics and Census of Panama (INEC). Data updated until December 2022. The data for the year 2022 are preliminary figures.

The tool has the following sections:
  • Panama Exports: shows the total value (FOB) of goods exported from Panama throughout the years.  
  • Points of exit of Panama: shows the main exit points of exports.
  • Panama Exports by Country:  shows the top trade partners.
  • Panama Exports by Commodity Group: this section shows the top export products from Panama (Harmonized System Products).

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Panama Exports

Main Exit Points

Top Export Destination Countries

Top Products