The formation of human capital is an important factor for the development of the logistics sector. It is for this reason that we present the academic offer of universities in Panama for training in logistics and other related areas in a format that allows all interested parties to carry out detailed searches.

We have defined a classification for the academic programs according to the title they grant, identifying the following areas: logistics, transportation, supply chain, customs, maritime and port, airport, maritime, naval and nautical law.

Within the existing academic offering, you will be able to search by area, academic level, university or region in which the program takes place.

Likewise, the number of graduates by academic program, by gender and by geographic region, in the period 2010 – 2021 of the logistics programs of official universities is available. The most recent data available corresponds to 2021 graduates from the official universities of Panama.

At the end, we also share some statistics on the number of students enrolled in logistics programs and related areas, mostly for the I Semester 2023.