Academic Offer

Academic Offer in Logistics and Related Areas

To identify Panama’s academic offering in the logistics sector and related areas, the websites of all accredited universities, in the process of accreditation and with operations of less than 6 years that are listed on the website of the National Evaluation Council, were consulted. and University Accreditation of Panama (CONEAUPA), updated as of June 2023.

To prepare this list, the programs offered by Panamanian universities have been considered, from the university technical level to doctorate. Short cycle higher technician programs and non-formal education programs offered by INADEH are not included in this stage.

The academic offering in logistics and related areas has been classified into eight specialty areas: logistics, transportation, supply chain, customs, maritime and port, airport, maritime, naval and nautical law.

In the search you can identify the area, the name of the program, whether it corresponds to a university technician, bachelor’s degree, engineering, specialty, master’s degree or doctorate. Each program identifies the modality in which it is taught, whether in-person, semi-in-person or virtual. It is also possible to search by region in the country. It should be noted that the Herrera and Los Santos provinces are grouped in the Azuero region.

The indication of geographical distribution should be taken as a reference. Some programs at official universities are partially offered in regional centers and students must complete their final years of study in Panama City. We recommend checking the website of each university, once you have identified a program of interest, to obtain complete information about it.