Panama's economy grew 3.7% in 2018. The economic activities that showed the most dynamism were: Other non-market production (8.4%), Transport, storage and communications (7.3%) and social and private health services (6.5%).

At the end of 2018, imports in CIF terms totaled $ 13,233 million, that is, they increased 4.0%. The products that contributed the most to the imported value belonged to the tariff chapters were: fuels (18.2%), machines, appliances and mechanical devices (11.3%), vehicles and their parts (8.8%), electrical machines and equipment for reproduction and sound (6.9) %) and pharmaceutical products (4.7%).

For that same year, exports of goods amounted to $ 672.3 million in FOB terms, in weight this grew 2.4%.  The products that contributed the most to the exported were: fruits (19.3%), fish and crustaceans (16.6%), wood and its manufactures (7.9%) and iron and steel smelting (7.2%).


2018 Total Imports (CIF)
2018 Total Exports (FOB)
$672.3 million
Colon Free Zone
World Trade
Product Categorization