Panama's economy grew 5.4% in 2017. Transportation, storage and communications activities continued to generate the greatest boost to domestic gross domestic production, with a growth of 10.1%; they were followed by construction (8.3%) and financial intermediation (7.3%).

At the closing of 2017, imports totaled $12,724 million in CIF terms, that is, they increased 8.8%. Of these, the group of consumer goods achieved greater growth (10.7% additional), especially for fuels; while the grouping of intermediate goods grew 8.3% due to agriculture and construction. The grouping of capital goods increased 6.2%.

For that same year, exports of goods amounted to $ 660,031 million in FOB terms, with a total net weight of 1,245 million kilograms. The products that had a positive percentage variation were: Coffee (113.7%), bovine meat (20.5%), clothing (16.9%) and bananas (13.3%).

2017 Total Imports (CIF)
2017 Total Exports (FOB)
$660 million
Colon Free Zone
World Trade
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