At the end of 2019, exports of goods amounted to $713 million in FOB terms, in weight they grew 16.6%. The products that contributed the most to the exported were: melon (58.1%), fishmeal and fish oil (56.6%), coffee (41.5%), clothing (38.3%) and beef (62.3%). Negative variations were observed in pineapple, unrefined sugar, skins and leather, scrap of steel, copper and aluminum.

On the other hand, imports in terms of CIF totaled $ 12,836 million. The goods that reflected a decline were intermediate goods of 4.5%, capital goods 3.9% and consumer goods at 1.7%.



2019 Total Imports (CIF)
2019 Total Exports (FOB)
$713 million
Colon Free Zone
World Trade
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