Based on available public information, a summary of enrollment in university technical, bachelor’s and engineering programs is presented.

The total enrollment for the First semester of 2023 in logistics programs and related areas is 11,791 students in technical and bachelor’s degrees.

Few of the technical programs identified in the academic offering have enrollment. But many bachelor’s degree programs offer an associate’s degree upon completion of the first two or three years of the degree. Therefore, students can be enrolled in the bachelor’s degree and have the option of applying for the technician diploma.

According to the latest available records, the programs with the largest number of enrolled people are logistics, maritime-port and customs, which together represent 81% of enrollment.

The province of Panama concentrates 67% of the student population in logistics and related areas. Colón follows with 14%. The remaining 19% is distributed nationally, without exceeding 5% per region.

The students enrolled by academic program are presented, according to geographic region, for the last academic period published available by the official universities.