About the Portal

This portal was conceived to facilitate access to a wide and centralized repository of information of the trade and logistics activities in Panama, as well as to enable shippers and logistics service providers to optimize the existing value of the logistics platform and expand their productive capacities. This platform covers all main Panamanian logistics assets such as the canal, seaports, airports, roadways, special economic zones and free zones along with a broad spectrum of logistics services.

Users from academia, public and private sector will be benefited from this enriched knowledge which will assist them in their tactical and strategic decision making processes.


This portal is the result of a collaborative effort between the government of Panama and the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech). The result of this alliance is the Georgia Tech Panama Logistics Research and Innovation Center, focused on continuously improving Panama’s logistics platform and providing tools to aid companies in utilizing the platform to add value to their supply chains. This portal will continue to expand in scope and functionality as the Center develops new knowledge and tools to improve logistics performance and facilitate trade.