Colon Logistics Park


Colon Logistics Park (CLP) is conceived as a Logistics Bonded Warehouse with a presence within the Colon Container Terminal port on the Atlantic coast. The advantage of being able to operate within a primary zone makes it the most agile to operate and re-export the goods that transit through the port.

The first phase of the project includes three warehouses with a space of 18,000 square meters each. Building # 1 is 85 meters by 209 meters long, with 44 loading docks on the west side and 3 access ramps at street level.


  • Unloading expenses reduction: CLP is located inside CCT boundaries, which allow the fast and cheaper movement of containers from the yard to the warehouse.
  • Unique customs zone: CLP is in the same customs zone as CCT, which allow a continuous movement between the berth and the warehouse, and offer maximum flexiblity to the tenants in order to manage their supply chains.
  • Inventory: shorter delivery time for key markets, reduced inventory costs.  CLP is easily accessible to all land transportation nodes of Colon, with direct access to Panama City through the Panama-Colon highway.

source: Colon Logistics Park