Logistics Bonded Warehouses

Logistics Bonded Warehouses

To increase competitiveness in the country’s logistics chain, the Logistics Bonded Warehouses regime is created through Cabinet Decree No. 10 of April 27, 2021. This regulation applies to companies that wish to redistribute goods in ports and airports with prior authorization from the National Customs Authority to operate under this regime.

The operations that these companies can carry out range from reception, classification, customs controls, in addition to other activities that are indicated in the agreements and treaties where Panama is a signatory. It is important to note that companies that are already operating in a Free Zone may not become a Bonded Warehouse until three years have elapsed since the Decree came into effect.

Requirements: Interested companies must comply with the procedures of the Central American Uniform Customs Code (CAUCA for its acronym in Spanish) and its regulations.

Permitted activities: In the Logistics Customs Warehouses, in addition to the operations allowed in the Central American Uniform Customs Code (CAUCA) and its Regulations, they may carry out activities for the preservation of the merchandise during transport or storage, such as; aeration, ventilation, drying, refrigeration, freezing, packaging, among others detailed in article 5 of the decree.

Term of permanence of the merchandise: The term of permanence of the merchandise in these warehouses will be one year, extendable for another year upon request. After this period, the goods will be considered abandoned.

For more information:

Decree No. 10 of April 27th, 2021

Resolution 491 of October 22th, 2021