Aguadulce Special Economic Zone and the Multipurpose Terminal

Aguadulce Special Economic Zone And The Multipurpose Terminal


With this new regime, the growth of the central provinces towards foreign trade and service is potentiated. The Aguadulce Special Economic Zone (AEEA, for its acronym in Spanish) will be in the district of Aguadulce, province of Coclé with an area of ​​1,758 hectares owned by the Panamanian Government.

Permitted activities: Within the special economic zone, it will be allowed the wholesale import, export and re-export of finished products and services, such as:

  • Provisioning or other maritime auxiliary services to ships.
  • Products leaving by air from airports located in the central provinces.
  • Products made by companies that manufacture finished products within the Zone.
  • Products related to aircraft maintenance, repair, conversion and reconversion activities and related activities.
  • Transport logistics activities.
  • Products related to oil-free zones that operate within the zone.

Requirements: Companies can benefit from different licenses to operate as SEM (Multinational Company Headquarters), EMMA (Multinational Company for the Provision of Services Related to Manufacturing) or Agroparks and Operators Developers Companies. Additionally, the installed companies must develop Corporate Social Responsibility programs or projects focused on education and environmental conservation.

The AEEA will have an automated movement control system for the entry and exit of goods and inventories. The AEEA companies will be required to keep a record of the entry, exit, transfer and transformation of merchandise, products, equipment, and other property owned by them.

Merchandise, products, equipment, and other goods in general introduced to the AEEA may leave the designated area for export or re-export outside the country and even to other areas with special tax treatment, sales to visitors, passengers in transit, using the multipurpose port of Aguadulce, as well as the sale to aircraft that use the authorized airports in Panama to foreign airports. For the sale of personal property that will be introduced into the Panamanian fiscal territory, the ITBMS and the corresponding import tax must be settled and paid. Within the zone, the establishment of residential projects will be allowed.

The multipurpose terminal will allow the operations of all types of cargo and will be enabled for cruise service and international passenger service. It will be given in concession for construction, maintenance, and operation.

For more information: Law 309 of June 1, 2022