Benefits and Requirements for Establishment

Benefits and Requirements for Establishment

Wide range of tax benefits in direct and indirect taxes, fees and charges. These benefits are:

  • The exemption from taxes and import duties on raw materials, semi-finished products, purchase and import of equipment and building materials, machinery, spare parts, tools, accessories, supplies, packaging materials and any goods or services required for their operations.
  • The developers of free trade zones are exempt from income tax in the lease and sublease.
  • Services companies, Logistics companies, High Tech cmpanies, Scientific research centers, Higher education centers, General services companies, specialized centers for the provision of health and Environmental services company, will be one hundred percent (100%) exempt from income tax for its foreign operations and operations together. (Chapter V, Articles 31 – 37)

Special immigration regime, which consist of:

  • Permanent Resident Permit as an investor.
  • Temporary Resident Permit as executives, experts and / or technical, valid for the term of the contract
  • Short stay visa for trader and investor, by special laws, valid for nine months, to perform business in the export processing zones.
  • Temporary permits for special activities: teacher, student or researcher of a higher education center in a Free Zone; investigator of a scientific research center.
  • The permits would be extended to spouse and children and elderly dependents of the principal applicant. (Chapter VII, Articles 43 – 53)

Special labor conditions, which provide more flexibility than the companies in the rest of the country:

  • It allows rotation of workers
  • The holiday period may be agreed between the parties
  • The overtime will be paid with a surcharge of only 25% on wages
  • Work on holiday or national mourning will be paid with a surcharge of 50% on the wages of ordinary working time. (Chapter VIII, Articles 54 – 64)