Colon Free Zone

Benefits and Requirements for Establishment

The CFZ offers monetary, fiscal and corporate advantages to companies established in the commercial area. These benefits are:

  • Tax exemption on imports, re-exports and manufacturing of goods
  • Tax exemption on Re-export incomes
  • Tax exemption on invoicing
  • Tax exemption on other national or provincial taxes
  • The use of the US Dollar as legal currency
  • Low cost on the rent of land, building or any required spaces
  • Lease back system (discount system in the lease canon for the investment in public services or utilities)
  • Intellectual property right protection
  • Automated trade operations
  • Migratory facilities for foreign executives
  • Digitalized security system
  • A large financial network of national and international banks
  • ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified

To establish in CFZ, the number of requirements are minimum:

  • To be a legal entity
  • To possess banking and commercial references
  • To have physical installations either public, private or being represented by a direct user
  • To Re-export 60% of imported goods, by hiring a minimum of 5 Panamanian employees