What is the Cold Chain?

The Cold Chain is the controlled handling of the temperature and humidity of the perishable products, from its origin to the final consumer, passing between curing, washing, packing, storage, transport, distribution and marketing processes in perfect conditions. quality and safety.

The main objective of the system is to allow the proper handling of produce from origin to distribution and consumption points, in order to reduce the costs related to waste, while offering at the same time products of better quality to consumers.

After a study carried out, 24 items were selected as the most sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity. These products are: Sweet pepper, chayote, short bean, long snapper, paprika, celery, cilantro, cilantro, lettuce, beet, watercress, cauliflower, mustard, cabbage, broccoli, potato, table tomato, industrial tomato, chives, parsley, carrot, onion, spinach and cucumber.