Panama Pacifico has a total area of 1,400 hectares for development (800 for mixed development and 600 for green areas). Panama Pacifico has flexible areas for investments in sectors of shared services, logistics, high-tech manufacturing, residential areas and office buildings. This special economic zone has been segregated in different areas:

High-tech ManufacturingPanAmerica Corporate Center
Warehousing and Distribution CentersPanAmerica Corporate Center
Commercial OfficesInternational Business Park, Town Center
AirportPanama Pacifico International Airport
ResidentialTown Center, Kobbe Hills, Woodlands, River Valley,Mosaic, Soleo, Nativa, Explora, Hillridge y Madeira.

The warehousing area named PanAmerica Corporate Center (PCC) promotes an industrial park with a total land area of 88 hectares, 44.4 hectares are destined for the construction of warehouses and infrastructures. The master plan includes a total of 27 buildings for lease in a sharing space model designed for logistics services, warehousing and distribution, light manufacturing, freight movement and assembly. The facilities are available from 800 to 50,000 m2 in flexible and divisible formats.

The building designs include a loading dock every 500 m2, a clear height between 7 to 12 meters and a floor load of 1,275 kg/m2. The units are equipped with mezzanine, optic fiber, water treatment plants, fire alarm systems, extinguishers, water hoses, smoke detectors, security gate provides 24/7 service with controlled access, ventilation systems and parking lots.

In addition, the office area (International Business Park) has a LEED certification, inaugurated in 2017, this building has the following benefits for companies that are installed in it:

  • Energy efficiency, low water consumption, responsible use of materials, healthy internal spaces and innovation.
  • For a company, moving to a LEED Gold building can represent up to 40% savings in water and electricity bills.
  • The building includes the use of high efficiency bathroom accessories that could decrease in approximately 45% of drinking water consumption and 75% reduction of drinking water consumption for watering gardens, thanks to the use of water condensed air conditioning.
  • The building has a structure of photovoltaic panels that absorb sunlight to produce 5% of the energy needed by the building.
  • The architectural design, developed by the Wakefield Beasley & Associates architectural firm, was done thinking that 100% of the office areas had an exterior view and plenty of natural light.
  • Green buildings aim to reduce environmental impacts, efficiently use resources (water and energy), and improve the quality of the spaces where people live.
  • To be classified as “green buildings”, buildings must obtain LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). This certification is administered by the United States, who stipulate and evaluate compliance with different parameters to obtain certification.
  • In Panama, this type of initiative is supported by national institutions and legislations, such as the Energy Secretariat and Law 69 on Energy Efficiency. There is also the “Panama Green Building Council” that is part of the “World Green Building Council”. The WGBC is a global union of national councils around the world, making it the largest international organization influencing the market for the construction of green buildings.


Panama Pacifico offers a variety of benefits to companies established within this zone. The warehouses, buildings and land operate under the leasing business model. Physical spaces are leased on a contract basis per square meter and a maintenance fee.