Benefits and Requirements for Establishment

Benefits and Requirements for Establishment

The government of Panama created the Special Economic Area Panama Pacifico under the Law 41 of July 20, 2004.

This area offers special corporate benefits for companies established in this economic zone:

  • Integrated Procedures System
  • Special Migration and Labor Regulations
  • Tax Incentives (Partial or total tax exemption)
  • Investment Stability Law
  • Single Record
  • Center for Higher Education
  • Facilities such as banks, pharmacies, restaurants, gyms, among others.

Labor Benefits

  • Fixed rates for overtime (maximum 25%) and for work done on holidays
  • Days of weekly rest negotiable
  • Companies can stay open on Sundays and public holidays
  • A 15% foreign labor force is allowed


  • All work visas are obtained at APP facilities
  • Special visas for investors, workers and extended to immediate family members.
  • The foreign staff hired as a specialist has the right to import 100% duty-free, for a single time, all types of articles for personal or domestic use, up to the sum of $ 100,000.00

Onsite Customs Office

  • Customs owns facilities and operates in the special area, outside the single window
  • Available 24/7 on request
  • System based on post inventory audits

The incentives are directed to attract the following specific business activities:

  • Multinational Headquarters (MHQ)
  • Back office operations
  • Call Centers
  • Multimodal and logistics services
  • High-tech manufacturing and process manufacturing
  • Aviation industry services
  • Offshore services
  • Film industry
  • Data, radio, television, audio and video transmission
  • Transfer of inventory between companies in-site
  • Transfer of goods and services to ships, aircrafts and their passengers
  • Imports and Reexports