Agroparks Operators and Developers Companies

Agroparks Operators and Developers Companies

A new special regime was created to encorage investment and take advantage of the agricultural sector.


  • 3% as an import tax on raw materials, semi-finished or intermediate products and other inputs that enter into the process of manufacturing the products.
  • Exemption from the import duty on construction materials, equipment and furniture that are necessary to carry out the activities for a period of 5 years.
  • Exemption from property tax on new commercial or industrial improvements for 20 years, counted from the occupancy permit.
  • 50% reduction in income tax.
  • Reduced rate of 50% of dividend tax

The National Directorate of Agribusiness (DINAGRON) of the Ministry of Agricultural is the entity in charge of promoting, managing requests of companies and supervising agroparks.

For more information got to: Law 196.