Interested companies must send the request in writing to the Technical Secretariat of the Multinational Companies Licensing Commission, by submitting a form, their expression of interest and supporting documentation. The evaluation process will take into consideration the following:

  • Assets
  • The locations or affiliated companies, headquarters or operating subsidiaries of the company
  • The commercial or industrial activities or operations carried out by the company
  • The listing of shares on the stock market
  • The minimum number of employees and annual operating expenses
  • Any other element or information that the Commission considers

Multinational companies that avail themselves of this regime must operate as a foreign company registered in Panama or as a Panamanian company owned by the multinational company, its subsidiaries or its affiliates.

Multinational Companies that are operating in Panama and provide services related to manufacturing or those that already have a license under the MHQ regime and that wish to increase or expand activities related to manufacturing, may benefit from the EMMA regime.

The company with an EMMA License must seek the exchange of knowledge transfer and training of national personnel, for which it will create a technical training center within its facilities or adopt training programs with universities or educational centers.