Multinational Company for the Provision of Services Related to Manufacturing  (EMMA) 


Tax Incentives 

  • The company is exempt from the payment of Income Tax of the Republic of Panama for the first five (5) years from its registration. After said period, they must pay income tax in the Republic of Panama on the net taxable income derived from the services rendered at a rate of 5%
  • Exemption from Value Added Tax (ITBMS) for services provided by EMMA to subsidiaries that do not generate taxable income in Panama
  • Exemption from payment of dividend tax, complementary tax and branch offices tax
  • Income tax on capital gains at a fixed rate of 2% for the transfer of EMMA shares
  • Exemption from Value Added Tax (ITBMS) payment for the purchase and imports of goods and services in Panama
  • Exemption from the Operation Notice Tax
  • 2.5% withholding on amounts remitted to companies established abroad for financing
  • Exemption from import tax on all types of merchandise, products and equipment in general, used for the provision of services related to manufacturing


Migratory Benefits and labor incentives

  • Visas for 5 years (extendable for the same term) for permanent staff
  • Visa for 2 years (extendable) for temporary staff of operational or training levels
  • Exemption from income tax, social security contributions and educational insurance for personnel who have a Temporary Personnel Visa or Permanent Personnel Visa for EMMA companies
  • Exemption from the payment of tax applicable to household items, at the time of moving to Panama for the first time, for personnel with temporary and permanent visa of a EMMA companies