Multinational Company for the Provision of Services Related to Manufacturing  (EMMA)


General Information

Due to the economic situation generated by the pandemic, and in order to create jobs and promote the attraction of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), a new regime called EMMA (Multinational Company for the Provision of Services Related to Manufacturing) is created.

This new regime seeks to follow the success of the Special System of Multinational Corporation Headquarters (MHQ) and is aimed at both foreign and Panamanian companies (more than one branch abroad) of services related to manufacturing, assembly, re-manufacturing, conditioning, maintenance and repair of products, as well as logistics services, among others.

EMMA companies may establish themselves in a national special economic area (Free Trade Zone and Panama Pacifico Area) or become a customs control and surveillance area in accordance with national laws. EMMA companies will automatically grant legal stability for 10 years to the investments referred to Law 54 of July 22, 1998 and Executive Decree No. 9 of February 22, 1999.

As of December 2022, 3 (three) EMMA licenses had been approved.