Enrique Malek International Airport

Originally the Enrique Malek International Airport was a landing strip. In 1942, it was created as an airport through a treaty signed by the Government of Panama and the United States to defend the Canal during the Second World War.

Once the war is over, it reverts to Panamanian hands operating as an airport for civil and military use.

The airport has that name, in honor of the pilot Enrique Malek, founder of Aerovías Nacionales, who together with Marcos A. Gelabert are considered as parents of Panamanian civil and commercial aviation.

In January 2014, the Civil Aeronautics Authority of Panama transferred the Enrique Malek International Airport to the Tocumen S.A.

Until 2014 the Air Panama Airline operated 3 daily commercial flights and since January 2015, Copa Airlines has been operating commercial flights.

The Enrique Malek International Airport was designed for an operation based on the critical aircraft B-757-200.



The airport is located in the Province of Chiriquí, in the David City, more than 400 km from Panama City.