Colon Free Zone

For the year 2017, the commercial movement of the Colon Free Zone has reached USD19,647.3 million.  The imports totaled USD 9,214.6  million and re-exports totaled USD 10,432.7 million. 

The movement of accumulated cargo was 1,731 thousand metric tons. The main countries to which it is re-exported are Puerto Rico and Colombia, imports come from China, Singapore and the United States of America.

This tool will allow to review the different commercial scenarios by year for the imports as well as for the re-exports.  Also, it will allow to visualize the performance of the many countries which we have commercial relationships and merchandises based on the country (country profile).  The details, volumes, origin and destination of the  goods are also displayed (product profile).

Source: National Institute of Statistics and Census of Panama (INEC). Data up to December 2017.