Panama Pacifico


Panama Pacifico's One Stop Shop helps expeditate the establishment of companies.  This service centralizes over 17 goverment entities in one location. Some of goverment entities operating in Panama Pacifico are:

  1. Ministry of Labor (MITRADEL)

    • Registration of contracts of employment.
    • Processing and granting of work permits in coordination with the National Immigration Service.
    • Approval of special measures relating to holidays.
    • Approval of the regulations aimed to evaluate the performance and productivity of workers.
    • Approval of dismissal on account of economic reasons.
    • Review and subsequent ratification of the Internal Regulations of Labor.
    • Inspection Service.
  2. Ministry of Housing and Land (MIVIOT)

    • Approval of draft of developments and subdivisions.
    • Approval of urbanization projects for the construction phase.
    • Request approval for segregation of land.
    • Application to register lots of housing developments and subdivisions.
    • Review of application for approval of projects (new buildings, renovations, additions).
    • Resolutions for easements assignments.
    • Certificates of land uses and zoning codes.
    • Certificates of easements and road construction lines.
    • Field inspections.
  3. Ministry of Agriculture (MIDA)

    • Review and verification of documents for import, transit and export.
    • Inspection of all merchandise not nationalized that enters the country from any entry point, bound to Panama Pacific Area, moving from one point to another, with the due customs controls.
    • Verification of compliance with NIMF No. 15 on importations.
    • Issuance of sanitary and phytosanitary requirements for import.
    • Issuance of phytozoosanitary licenses for import, transit and export.
  4. Social Security (CSS)

    • Procedures for registration and temporary inactivity of employers.
    • Affiliation services of workers and their dependents.
    • Issuance of Social Security ID cards.
    • Receiving of requests for cash benefits for sickness and maternity risks.
    • Reporting of Accidents and Diseases.
    • Receipt of statements of monthly payroll changes.
    • Delivery of verification wages cards.
    • Inspections.
    • Receiving of notice of new workers entries.
    • Receiving of payrolls with monthly changes.
  5. Directorate of Migration (SNM)

    • Migratory registration of foreigners (Affiliation).
    • Migratory status processing.
    • Processing and issuing of temporary residence permits.
    • Granting ID cards to foreigners.
    • Processing and issuing of Multiple Visa.
  6. National Customs Authority (ANA)

    • Entry and exit control of goods, through Decree 6th. (Transfer of goods).
    • Nationalization of goods.
    • Recording of vehicles imported into the Panama Pacific Area, free of taxes.
    • Keep records of home messages sent to foreigners working or living Panama Pacifico.
    • Inventory Control.
    • Declaration services of goods for international land customs transit (D.M.T.I.).
    • Business Consultancy Service to companies installed or to be installed at Panama Pacific Area.
    • Control Service, monitoring and customs inspections.
    • Facilitation of customs procedures within the Panama Pacific Area.
    • Customs Control Service in the Panama Pacific Airport.
  7. National Environmental Authority (ANAM)

    • Inspections and Environmental Impact Assessments.
    • Monitoring and environmental control.
    • Evaluation of Environmental Audit plans for Environmental Management and Mitigation.
    • Procedures and forest management.
    • Procedures Permit for Wastewater Discharge.
    • Authorizing procedures for use of water from natural sources.
    • Review of plans of Urban Development.
    • Counseling on environmental issues.
    • Monitoring plans of Preservation and Rehabilitation of Wildlife.
  8. Municipality of Arraijan

    • Approval of plans.
    • Construction permits.
    • Permission for the installation of mechanical cranes and elevators in buildings.
    • Ground work permits.
    • Demolition permits.
    • Occupation Permits
    • Technician occupation permit (provisional).
    • Billboard installation permits.
    • Technical inspections for construction, renovations and buildings.
    • Municipal Tax collection.
    • Vehicle license plate Tax collection.
    • Registration of vehicles.
    • Business registration.
    • Permits for signs in business and business fronts.
    • Certification of municipal documents.
    • Granting of right to extract crude, stone, sand, clay, etc.
    • Tax Clearance Procedures, Municipal Resolutions, Inspections and Appraisals.
  9. Transit and Land Transport Authority (ATTT)

    • Approval of plans (road signs).
    • Consultation of tickets (clearance).
    • Consultation of plates of private and public transport.
    • Consultation procedures of Public Transport.
  10. Fire Department

    • Review and approval of fire protection systems.
    • Approval of plans and granting of building permits.
    • Temporary electrical inspection.
    • Approval of the draft.
    • Inspection and processing of Certificate of Occupancy.
    • Demolition of buildings and rubble safety procedures.
    • Installation of tanks for storage of flammable substances.
    • Inspection of installation of fire alarms.
    • Permanent electrical permits.
    • Permission for installation and operation of boilers.
    • Safety measures for elevators, forklifts and escalators.
    • Safety measures of transportation of hazardous materials.
    • Safety measures in blasting works, racking and others.
    • Inspections for storage and use of alcohol and others.
    • Issuance of Resolutions and Authorizations.
    • Installation permits of gas cylinders.
    • Licenses and permits for Boiler Operator.
    • Licenses and permits for welding.
    • Permits for burning and transport of fireworks.
    • Field tests and certifications.
    • Public Entertainment Permits and Security.
    • Inspection of remodeling.
  11. National Institute of Water Works and Sewer (IDAAN)

    • Evaluation and approval of preliminary plans of developments regarding the water system and sewerage.
    • Evaluation and approval of the study and plans of wastewater treatment plant.
    • Evaluation and approval of plans of pumping station and driveline.
    • Coordinate and inspect water and sewerage infrastructure.
    • Issuing of permits for cases in urban development within jurisdiction of IDAAN.
    • Provide information about requirements to companies and documentation to be provided for the same proceedings within jurisdiction of IDAAN.