Panama Pacifico

  1. Ministry of Labor (MITRADEL)

    • Registration of contracts of employment.
    • Processing and granting of work permits in coordination with the National Immigration Service.
    • Approval of special measures relating to holidays.
    • Approval of the regulations aimed to evaluate the performance and productivity of workers.
    • Approval of dismissal on account of economic reasons.
    • Review and subsequent ratification of the Internal Regulations of Labor.
    • Inspection Service.
  2. Ministry of Housing and Land (MIVIOT)

    • Approval of draft of developments and subdivisions.
    • Approval of urbanization projects for the construction phase.
    • Request approval for segregation of land.
    • Application to register lots of housing developments and subdivisions.
    • Review of application for approval of projects (new buildings, renovations, additions).
    • Resolutions for easements assignments.
    • Certificates of land uses and zoning codes.
    • Certificates of easements and road construction lines.
    • Field inspections.
  3. Ministry of Agriculture (MIDA)

    • Review and verification of documents for import, transit and export.
    • Inspection of all merchandise not nationalized that enters the country from any entry point, bound to Panama Pacific Area, moving from one point to another, with the due customs controls.
    • Verification of compliance with NIMF No. 15 on importations.
    • Issuance of sanitary and phytosanitary requirements for import.
    • Issuance of phytozoosanitary licenses for import, transit and export.
  4. Social Security (CSS)

    • Procedures for registration and temporary inactivity of employers.
    • Affiliation services of workers and their dependents.
    • Issuance of Social Security ID cards.
    • Receiving of requests for cash benefits for sickness and maternity risks.
    • Reporting of Accidents and Diseases.
    • Receipt of statements of monthly payroll changes.
    • Delivery of verification wages cards.
    • Inspections.
    • Receiving of notice of new workers entries.
    • Receiving of payrolls with monthly changes.
  5. Directorate of Migration (SNM)

    • Migratory registration of foreigners (Affiliation).
    • Migratory status processing.
    • Processing and issuing of temporary residence permits.
    • Granting ID cards to foreigners.
    • Processing and issuing of Multiple Visa.
  6. National Customs Authority (ANA)

    • Entry and exit control of goods, through Decree 6th. (Transfer of goods).
    • Nationalization of goods.
    • Recording of vehicles imported into the Panama Pacific Area, free of taxes.
    • Keep records of home messages sent to foreigners working or living Panama Pacifico.
    • Inventory Control.
    • Declaration services of goods for international land customs transit (D.M.T.I.).
    • Business Consultancy Service to companies installed or to be installed at Panama Pacific Area.
    • Control Service, monitoring and customs inspections.
    • Facilitation of customs procedures within the Panama Pacific Area.
    • Customs Control Service in the Panama Pacific Airport.
  7. National Environmental Authority (ANAM)

    • Inspections and Environmental Impact Assessments.
    • Monitoring and environmental control.
    • Evaluation of Environmental Audit plans for Environmental Management and Mitigation.
    • Procedures and forest management.
    • Procedures Permit for Wastewater Discharge.
    • Authorizing procedures for use of water from natural sources.
    • Review of plans of Urban Development.
    • Counseling on environmental issues.
    • Monitoring plans of Preservation and Rehabilitation of Wildlife.
  8. Municipality of Arraijan

    • Approval of plans.
    • Construction permits.
    • Permission for the installation of mechanical cranes and elevators in buildings.
    • Ground work permits.
    • Demolition permits.
    • Occupation Permits
    • Technician occupation permit (provisional).
    • Billboard installation permits.
    • Technical inspections for construction, renovations and buildings.
    • Municipal Tax collection.
    • Vehicle license plate Tax collection.
    • Registration of vehicles.
    • Business registration.
    • Permits for signs in business and business fronts.
    • Certification of municipal documents.
    • Granting of right to extract crude, stone, sand, clay, etc.
    • Tax Clearance Procedures, Municipal Resolutions, Inspections and Appraisals.
  9. Transit and Land Transport Authority (ATTT)

    • Approval of plans (road signs).
    • Consultation of tickets (clearance).
    • Consultation of plates of private and public transport.
    • Consultation procedures of Public Transport.
  10. Fire Department

    • Review and approval of fire protection systems.
    • Approval of plans and granting of building permits.
    • Temporary electrical inspection.
    • Approval of the draft.
    • Inspection and processing of Certificate of Occupancy.
    • Demolition of buildings and rubble safety procedures.
    • Installation of tanks for storage of flammable substances.
    • Inspection of installation of fire alarms.
    • Permanent electrical permits.
    • Permission for installation and operation of boilers.
    • Safety measures for elevators, forklifts and escalators.
    • Safety measures of transportation of hazardous materials.
    • Safety measures in blasting works, racking and others.
    • Inspections for storage and use of alcohol and others.
    • Issuance of Resolutions and Authorizations.
    • Installation permits of gas cylinders.
    • Licenses and permits for Boiler Operator.
    • Licenses and permits for welding.
    • Permits for burning and transport of fireworks.
    • Field tests and certifications.
    • Public Entertainment Permits and Security.
    • Inspection of remodeling.
  11. National Institute of Water Works and Sewer (IDAAN)

    • Evaluation and approval of preliminary plans of developments regarding the water system and sewerage.
    • Evaluation and approval of the study and plans of wastewater treatment plant.
    • Evaluation and approval of plans of pumping station and driveline.
    • Coordinate and inspect water and sewerage infrastructure.
    • Issuing of permits for cases in urban development within jurisdiction of IDAAN.
    • Provide information about requirements to companies and documentation to be provided for the same proceedings within jurisdiction of IDAAN.