Colon Free Zone


The companies established in the Colon Free Zone are dedicated primarily to the purchase and sale of merchandise at the international level, forming a distribution center from Asia to countries of South America, the Caribbean and Central America. 

The activities of the companies established in the Colon Free Zone are mainly of: 

  • Wholesale of food, beverage, cigarettes and agricultural materials
  • Wholesale of textiles, clothing and shoes
  • Wholesale of household domestics goods
  • Wholesale of construction materials, hardware and plumbing equipment
  • Wholesale of machinery and other equipment
  • Wholesale of motor vehicle and motorcycles, their spare parts and accessories

Merchandise is also received in bulk duty free, subsequently repacked, labeled, assembled, manufactured and reshipped in smaller quantities to customers in a wide area. 

A large number of logistics and other related services are easily accessible to traders, investors and tourists:

  • Shipping lines and Airlines
  • Freight forwarding and consolidators
  • Logistics operating services
  • Custom's brokerage
  • Trucking and ground transportation
  • A banking platform by local and international banks
  • All necessary government services for trading and clearance, among others

The new amendment to the law included the provision of services related to aviation and airports, including cargo storage in general, as well as services and activities with repair and maintenance.