Parque  Sur

Parque Sur is a flexible multipurpose project strategically located in the eastern side of Panama City and it is connected to major roads and direct access to Tocumen International Airport.

The park develops a comprehensive concept for logistics, commercial and industrial activities in an area of ​​approximately 25 hectares (in the first phase) with the capacity of renting the existing facilities from a wide range of sizes or developing the land for customers that wish to build their own warehouses.


The logistics park has a high connectivity to downtown Panama City and Colon given its accessibility to major roads  such as Via Domingo Dias and North and South Corridors.  This allows the movement of air and ocean freight with a large flexibility to the air terminal of Tocumen and the Atlantic and Pacific ports.


HSBC Tower #20 floor, Samuel Lewis Avenue
Panama City
Republic of Panama
Phone: 263-4400