Panama Pacifico

The Panama Pacifico Area is one of the most important projects of the Panamanian Government that develops an international trade hub and attracts large multinational companies, logistics services, commerce and industry. The main objective of this Special Economic Area is the attraction of new direct foreign investment and the creation of jobs in Panama. 

With this ambitious project, that includes economic and legal benefits, the Republic of Panama promotes the development of different industries such as logistics, sea and air transportation, high-technology, call centers, among others.

This Special Economic Area uses public - private partnership for the development of the zone, and encourage effective policy compliance with relevant regulatory frameworks. These entities are London & Regional Panama and Panama Pacifico Agency. This team is in charge of the development, administration, planning, and promoting the zone in one hand, and regulating zone activities in the other.

  1. Panama Pacifico Agency - Government entity responsible for assisting and informing investors about business opportunities and the benefits that Panama Pacifico offers
  2. London & Regional Panama - Master Developers

General Information