PSA Panama International Terminal

PSA Panama International Terminal is a port terminal built at the Pacific western-side entrance of the canal in the former US Rodman naval base. This port operator began operations in December 2010 by receiving supplies and iron products for the Canal expansion. Its first phase with one berth of 330 meters length, and it is equipped with 3 Post Panamax quay cranes and 9 RTGs. In the first quarter of 2018, it will be finalizing its second phase, with a new capacity of 2 million TEU´s, 12 docks cranes mounted on rails and 8 Quay cranes with reach of 24 wide containers to serve ships of 18,000 TEU´s. 



Strategically located toward the Pacific Ocean, this first class port infrastructure aims to attract new cargo from Asia to the west coast of America by using Panama as a transshipment hub for the growing demand of shipping lines that need to carry more cargo to Latin American countries, and need more shore handling capacity to expand their commercial activities.