The Special System of the Multinational Corporation Headquarters


The MHQ companies can do the following services to their own business group:

  • Management of regional operations
  • Logistics and storage
  • Technical assistance to companies of the business group or to customers who have purchased a product or service from the company. 
  • Accounting
  • Design construction plans of the headquarter or any subsidiaries thereof
  • Consulting, marketing and advertising services for the corporate group
  • Electronic processing
  • Support of operations and research and development of products and services
  • Financial assistance, including: fiancial management, risk analysis, credit analysis, due diligence, custody, documentation file, documentation precessing center, treasury services
  • Any other analogous service previously approved by Cabinet

It is worth mentioning that MHQ companies that wish to increase or expand activities to provide services related to manufacturing described in the EMMA Law or Law 159 of August 31, 2020 may benefit from this regime. The Technical Secretariat may take into account all the documentation to ensure a more expeditious automation process.