World Trade Statistics

Using the tool

This tool displays country data from the UN Comtrade database. 

There are two drop-down menus, the firts one with a full list of countries to select and other one with the trade flow (export or import).

Click on the countries and trade flow you would like to compare. Once you have selected the countries you want to compare and the trade flow, wait for the chart.

The information about each country is shown side by side so that you can compare the information. Data can be further disaggregated to the Heading level of the Harmonized System, to do so, please click inside the generated graph.


The data is updated until 2018 and is preliminary. There is not available information yet for all countries; 3.31% statistics data is not available for 2018.


  • Imports reported by one country do not coincide with exports reported by its trading partner. Differences are due to various factors including valuation (imports CIF, exports FOB), differences in inclusions/ exclusions of particular commodities, timing etc.  According to Comtrade the recommendations for international merchandise trade statistics can be found in the International Merchandise Trade Statistics: Compilers Manual . Additional methodological information can be found on the same web page.
  • For more information about coverage and limitations of the data, please see:  UN Comtrade 


  • SCAC: South and Central America and Caribbean
  • CIS: Commonwealth of Independent States