Panama Exports through Commercial Agreements

Panama Exports through Commercial Agreements

The following tool for public use shows information about Panama’s exports through commercial agreements. With this tool, you can see the main exported products, as well as the destination and exit points of the goods. In 2021, the value of exports of goods amounted USD 42 million of this value was exported using trade agreements.

The tool has the following sections:
  • Panama Exports through trade agreements: shows the total value (FOB) of goods exported from Panama throughout the years.
  • Main products (Top products): presents information on the main products exported through trade agreements.
  • Main exit points: shows the main exit points of goods exports through trade agreements.
  • Destination of the Top 5 exported products: this section provides information about our main products exported by countries.

For more information, you may access INEC’s Foreign Trade Statistical System Sistema de Consulta de Estadística de Comercio Exterior del INEC  Spanish version is only available.

Source: National Institute of Statistics and Census of Panama (INEC). The data is updated until December 2021 and is preliminary.

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Panama Exports through Commercial Agreements

Top Products

Main Exit Points

Panama Exports through Commercial Agreements, by country

Destination of the Top 5 exported products