General Characteristics of the Industry


These are four of the main associations in Panama:

Main Associations in Panama Contact

CANATRACA – Asociación Nacional de Transportistas de Carga

ATRACAPA – Asociación de Transporte de Carga de Panamá

Coordinadora de Transporte de Carga de Colón

SICACHI – Sindicato de Transporte de Carga de Chiriquí Email:



Among the Central American countries can be considered two huge associations:

Main Associations Contact

ATI – Asociación de Transporte Internacionales

FECATRANS – Federación Centroamericana de Transporte

Vehicle Classification

The following table shows the Transit and Ground Transportation vehicle classification took it from Autoridad de Tránsito y Transporte Terrestre.

Vehicle type Name Definition Schematic configuration
English Spanish
C Truck


(Jargon: Camión)

Motor vehicle designed to carry cargo, whose cab is integrated with the cargo's vessel.
T Tractor unit


(Jargon: Mula)

Motor vehicle designed to tow semi-trailers, trailers, devices or implements.
S Semi-trailer


(Jargon: Furgón)

Device used to transport cargo. It is mobilized by a vehicle on which it rests part of its weight and load.
R Trailer


(Jargon: Furgón)

Device without own propulsion used to carry people or cargo that can be moved by a vehicle using a bar or plug without transmitting its weight.


Road Projects

The Ministry of Public Works during the last 3 years has directed its work strategy in the following elements:

  • Investment projects
  • Construction and maintenance of vehicular and pedestrian bridges
  • "Working for your neighborhood" program for the maintenance and repair of roads
  • Channeling and dredging in rivers and creeks

Investment in these elements  totals more than USD 1,539 millions.

Summary of Projects in Execution by Provincias

Provincias y Comarcas Number of Projects Total Kilometers
Bocas del Toro (dos proyectos de dragado de 5,2 km en total)  3 19.50
Cocle 12 272.12
Colón 3 19.82
Chiriquí 10 270.12
Darién 2 28.52
Herrera 11 210.29
Los Santos 6 166.53
Panamá 8 118.83
Panamá Oeste 7 127.83
Veraguas 4 250.58
Comarca Kuna Yala 0 0
Comarca Ngäbe-Buglé 3 85.40
Total de proyectos 69 1569.56

Some of the projects that will help the trucking industry are as follows:


Project Details
Design and construction for the road rehabilitation and widening at Paso Canoas- Puerto Armuelles, Chiriquí 36 km of road improvement and 6 bridges.



Extension of roads -  Playas Corridor, Panamá West

Section 1: 32.6 km of road improvement

Section 2: 25.8 km of road improvement

Design and construction for the rehabilitation of the highway Arraijan-Chorrera, Panama 22.30 km of road improvement.

Source: Ministry of Public Works. 2017