Line 2 of Metro

Line 2: On June 2, 2015, the award for the construction of the Line 2 of Metro was published, which runs from east to west. In its first stage, it will have a length of 21 kilometers of elevated track and will have 16 stations.


Major Exchange Stations

Regular Stations

Parking for private vehicles

  • Nuevo Tocumen
  • Altos de Tocumen
  • Felipillo
  • 24 de diciembre
  • Hospital del Este
  • Don Bosco
  • UTP
  • Las Mañanitas
  • Brisas del Golf
  • Pedregal
  • San Antonio
  • Cerro viento
  • El Crisol
  • Cincuentenario
  • Villa Lucre
  • Paraíso

Its initial capacity will be 16 thousand passengers per hour per direction. To meet the initial peak hour demand, an interval of three minutes between trains is proposed, requiring 21 trains of 5 wagons. This line will benefit 500,000 residents of San Miguelito and the East Sector and its construction is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2019.

In the future, it is planned to extend 3.6 kms from Line 2 to the Technological University of Panama (Vía Ricardo J. Alfaro) and in a second stage, the line will be extended 2kms to the Felipillo sector.