Line 1of Metro

Line 1 of the Metro has a north-south orientation. It has an extension of approximately 16 km, with a travel time of approximately 26 minutes from the first station (Albrook) to the last one (San Isidro). It has 14 stations: 6 are elevated, and 8 subterranean.


Elevated Stations

Subterranean Stations

  • San Isidro
  • El Ingenio
  • Los Andes
  • Fernández de Córdoba
  • Pan de Azúcar
  • Vía Argentina
  • San Miguelito
  • Iglesia del Carmen
  • Pueblo Nuevo
  • Santo Tomas
  • 12 de octubre
  • Lotería
  • 5 de mayo
  • Albrook

Currently, Line 1 mobilizes around 240 thousand to 280 thousand passengers daily from North to South of the City.

The fleet consists of 26 trains of 5 wagons each consisting and with a capacity for 1000 passengers per train.

Operation Parameters

Time from Albrook to San Isidro

28:30 minutes

Maximum speed 

80 km/h
Stop time in stations 20-30 sec.
Commercial speed 35 km/h
Current peak hour trains 18 trains
Peak time frequency 3:20 minutes
Trains current valley 14 trains
Frequency at valley time 4:30 minutes
Travelers in current peak time 24,500 travel / hour
Regular tariff (payment with Metro, Metrobus o Rapipass cards) 0.35 cents