General Characteristics of the Industry


These are four of the main associations in Panama:

Main Associations in Panama Contact

CANATRACA – Asociación Nacional de Transportistas de Carga

ATRACAPA – Asociación de Transporte de Carga de Panamá

Coordinadora de Transporte de Carga de Colón

SICACHI – Sindicato de Transporte de Carga de Chiriquí Email:



Among the Central American countries can be considered two huge associations:

Main Associations Contact

ATI – Asociación de Transporte Internacionales

FECATRANS – Federación Centroamericana de Transporte

Vehicle Classification

The following table shows the Transit and Ground Transportation vehicle classification took it from Autoridad de Tránsito y Transporte Terrestre.

Vehicle type Name Definition Schematic configuration
English Spanish
C Truck


(Jargon: Camión)

Motor vehicle designed to carry cargo, whose cab is integrated with the cargo's vessel.
T Tractor unit


(Jargon: Mula)

Motor vehicle designed to tow semi-trailers, trailers, devices or implements.
S Semi-trailer


(Jargon: Furgón)

Device used to transport cargo. It is mobilized by a vehicle on which it rests part of its weight and load.
R Trailer


(Jargon: Furgón)

Device without own propulsion used to carry people or cargo that can be moved by a vehicle using a bar or plug without transmitting its weight.


Road Projects

The Ministry of Public Works has rehabilitated and improved in the city, provinces and comarcas more than 389,435 km of roads; 346,170 km of ways; and 84,966 km of streets. The following table shows the infrastructure projects that are being developed in our country as of October 31, 2016.


Provinces and Comarcas Numbers of projects Investment (USD)
Bocas del Toro 2 $ 12,628,158.36
Coclé 4 $ 86,323,675.91
Colón 2 $ 27,157,162.69
Chiriquí 7

$ 300,079,675.7

Darién 0 -
Herrera 3 $152,078,951.28
Los Santos 3 $ 96,108,405.51
Panamá 14 $ 302,319,096.79
Veraguas 2 $ 177,225,210.00
Comarca Ngäbe-Buglé 2 $ 28,475,389.5
Comarca Guna Yala 0 -
Total of national projects 39 $ 1,182,395,725.74 


Some of the projects that will help the trucking industry are as follows:


Project Investment (USD) Details
Design and construction for the road rehabilitation and widening at Paso Canoas- Puerto Armuelles, Chiriqui $114,009,004.09 36 km of road improvement and 6 bridges.
Design and construction for the road rehabilitation and widening at Boquete, Chiriqui $119,890,910.00 37 km of road improvement, 8 bridges and 15  pedestrian bridges.
Design and construction for the rehabilitation of the highway Arraijan-Chorrera, Panama $152,634,285.71 22.30 km of road improvement.
Rehabilitation and construction of the road La Villa-Las Tablas, Los Santos $ 75,666,080.23 25.73 Km of road improvement and 4 bridges.


Infrastructure projects of the Ministry of Public Works. Source: Ministry of Public Works.