Metro Line 1

Line 1 has a north-south orientation. It is approximately 13.7 km long (7.3 km underground, 4.9 km elevated and 1.5 km in trenches). Total travel time is 23 minutes.

The Metro has 12 stations: five are elevated, and seven underground.


Elevated Stations

Underground Stations

  • San Isidro
  • El Ingenio
  • Los Andes
  • Fernández de Córdoba
  • Pan de Azúcar
  • Vía Argentina
  • San Miguelito
  • Iglesia del Carmen
  • Pueblo Nuevo
  • Santo Tomas
  • 12 de octubre
  • Lotería
  • 5 de mayo
  • Albrook

 This line will also include one underground stations at Curundu 

Line 1 system has 20 trains, three cars each (which in the future could be increased to five). Train cars have capacity for 200 passengers. Therefore, each train can carry up to 600 passengers.

A train with three cars is approximately 52 meters long, 3.85 meters high, and 2.71 meters wide. Each car has four access doors, six windows, and two removable seats to ensure ventilation in case of emergencies.