Panexport is a segretated area that is ruled by a special regulation (Free Zones Law) that allows to all companies installed within the area to operate free of direct and indirect taxes, as well as to benefit from a wide aray of migratory and labor pivileges. 


Panexport is located in Panama city closed to the North Corridor exit and an intersection to Tocumen International Airport.  It has an easy conectivity to the ports of Colon and Colon Free Zone. 


Panexport has a total of 32 fenced-hectares with a current storage capacity of 19,071 m2, wide concrete roads fully illuminated, lightined, an improved drainage and sanitary system, restricted access and 24/7 security system.

This special economic zone has 12 single and multi-user warehouses currently providing facilities to 19 companies engaged in the importing, manufacturing and exporting of goods. The warehouses are designed according to customer specifications and have a capacity of 1.560 m2 with 20 feet height, temperature insulation system and reinforced floors to handle heavy industrial loads. Spaces are rented at an average price of USD 7.00/m2.


  • I.M. Export American, S.A.
  • Export Diesel, S.A.
  • Switzverdan Corp
  • Panama Line
  • International Paint Panama, S.A.
  • Kon-Des International, S.A.
  • Games Technical Services G.T.S., S.A.
  • SGS Panama Control Services
  • GP Panama, S.A.
  • Hotmix Industries, S.A.
  • Sistemat, S.A.
  • Ensambladora Balboa, S.A.
  • Electrical Supplier Corporation Inc, S.A.
  • Consorcio Licorero Nacional, S.A.
  • International Bottling Services, S.A.
  • Procesadora Internacional de Alimentos, S.A.
  • Corporación Teka Muebles
  • Alcoholes y rones de Panamá, S.A.
  • Tecnofont, S.A.
  • LVIC, S.A.
  • Epoxi-Life de Panamá, S.A.
  • Eaternational, S.A.
  • KCI Export Trading Panama, S.A.
  • Dazer, S.A.


San Miguelito, Ojo de Agua
Republic ofe Panama
Phone: 273-7008