Free Zones

The Free Zones are part of an integrated and simplified system that promotes the establishment and operation of companies that contribute to the country's development, job creation, the inclusion into the global economy of goods and services through the promotion of investment opportunities, and the economic, scientific, technological, cultural, educational and social growth.

A total of 19 licenses has been granted to operate Free Zones in Panama, out of this, 11 still active zones concentrated mostly in Panamá and Colon cities.

The Free Zones in Panama are covered by Law 32 of April 5, 2011 offering a set of tax benefits, migratory and labor incentives that makes more attractive the establishment of this special area within the national territory, mainly addressed to foreign trade activities.

General Information

Free Zones registered in Panama

A total of 19 Free Zones are registered in Panama.  Eleven are currently actives with 106 registered companies, mainly operating in Corozal Free Zone / Marpesca, S.A. (29), Panexport (21) and the Albrook Processing Zone (22).  Most of the companies established in Free Zones are dedicated to foreign trade services activities.

Free Zone Companies Status
1 Zona Franca Panexport 
(Inmobiliaria SUCASA. S.A.)
21 Active
2 Zona Franca Isla Margarita 
(Isla Margarita Development, Inc.)
8 Active
3 Zona Franca Estatal de Davis
(Unidad Administrativa de Bienes Revertidos)
6 Active
4 Zona Franca de Albrook
(Zona Procesadora de Exportación Albrook, S.A.)
22 Active
5 Zona Franca Marpesca/Corozal
(Procesadora Marpesca. S.A)
29 Active
6 Zona Franca Eurofusión
(Eurofusión, S.A.)
1 Active
7 Zona Franca de Chilibre
(Expert Diesel, S.A.)
5 Active
8 Zona Franca Colon Maritime Investor
(Colón Maritime Investor, S.A.)
6 Active
9 Zona Franca de Hewlett Packard 
(Hewlett Packard Global Services Panamá, S.A.)
1 Active
10 Parque Sur
(Parque Industrial y Corporativo Sur, S.A.)  
0 In process of closing
11 Zona Franca Vaguil
(Vaguil, S.A.)
55 In process of closing
12 Zona Franca Export Pacific Panamá
(Export Pacific Panamá, S.A.)
0 Inactive
13 Zona Franca del Istmo 
(Zona Franca del Istmo S.A.)
1 Active
14 Zona Franca de Las Américas (Mi Morocho S.A.) 6 Active
15 Zona Franca Cobol Due
(Cobol Due, S.A.)
0 In development
16 Zona Franca Framorco
(Francisco Javier Morales Gerbaud)
0 In development
17 Zona Franca Espanam
(Espanam Iberoamérica S.A.) 
0 Inactive
18 Zona Logística del Aeropuerto de Tocumen  
(Aeropuerto Internacional de Tocumen, S.A.)
  In development
19 Zona Franca Panapark
(Consoricio Industrial de Las Américas, S.A. - COINLA)
  In development

Source: Dirección General de Zonas Francas. Ministerio de Comercio e Industrias


In development 4
Inactive 2
Active 11
In process of closing 2
Total 19


Last update: August, 2017

What is a Free Zone?

The free zones are free trade areas, specifically defined, that promote and develop all kind of infrastructure, facilities, buildings, systems, supporting services, and operational management necessary for the establishment, within these areas, of all kind of companies from around the world whose activities are the production of goods, services, high technology, scientific research, higher education, logistics, environmental services, health services and general services.

The purpose of the free zones are to provide optimal conditions of operating efficiency and comparative advantages to ensure high levels of competitiveness int the international markets to the established companies.

There are three types of free zones:

  1. Privates:  Those whose investors are individuals or corporations, either domestic or foreign. Its establishment, operation and management is direct responsibility of their owners, under the rules and principles of the system of free enterprise and private property and other laws ruling in the Republic of Panama. 
  2. State. Those whose sole investor is the State. Its establishment, development, operation and administration will be headed by a State entity or a private operating company, which is entrusted with the management contract in accordance with established legal procedures.
  3. Mixed. Those whose ownership is shared between the State and national or foreign investors. Its development, operation and management will be undertaken by a State entity or a private company.
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