New Projects

Western Logistic Center

The project Western Logistic Center is located at Kilometer 43 of the Inter-American Highway, 5 minutes from the exit of the highway Panama - Chorrera, opposite the Livestock Auction and diagonal to the future Western Transportation Terminal area. The project is in its initial phase of earthworks. It offers a unique property for its characteristics and location. Some of these features are:

  • Storage space with an approximate area of 1,021m2 with option to merge or according to customer needs
  • Total height of the storage spaces is 10 meters and mezzanine with 5 meters high
  • Platform for containers up to 45 feet
  • Floors with load resistance 4,000 pounds in the inner area of the storage spaces
  • Roofs covered with thermal insulation panels
  • Security 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and parking system for containers and more than 120 parking lots



Zona Uno Industrial Terminal

The Zona Uno Industrial Terminal is located in the east side of Panama City, 5 minutes from Tocumen International Airport, with direct access to the South Corridor. The project is located in one of the new growing areas of Panama City.

The project is developed in two polygons; the first one has 14 hectares plus 3,430.403 m2 and the second one has 26 hectares plus 2,047.64 m2. Both combine are in total 40 hectares plus 5,478.05 m2.

The project is currently under development and promotion. It will be built under the Ministry of Public Works standards regarding infrastructure. The streets widths are suitable for the movement of all trucks dimensions and it has well distributed roundabouts for a better vehicular flow. It will have all regulatory signs.

The warehouses will be located on lots of 360 m2 to 1,290 m2 and some will have a mezzanine with a high of 4.50 m above the plant level depending on the client choice.

According to their frontal dimension, the warehouses will have 1 or 2 rolling doors and window area with main access. The exterior heights of the warehouses will be from 8 m to 11 m.