The project is divided in two components. The first one consists in the development of four collection centers called Post Harvest Centers (PHC), which were strategically located considering the main productive regions. Three of them were positioned in the province of Chiriqui, one in Dolega, another one in Volcan and the third in Cerro Punta. According to the Minestry of Agricultural Development (MIDA), 82.5% of national production is harvested in these areas of Chiriqui. The fourth PHC is located in the province of Los Santos in El Ejido.

The second component of the project creates a national network of markets and supply units. This will improve the preservation of the products, as well as the distribution and commercialization. The network includes the construction of five markets located in David, Chitre, Chorrera (2), Colon and the main supply unit in Panama City (MAC).

As the refrigerated transportation plays a key role in the cold chain system, the project includes an agreement with the National Bank of Panama to offer low interest loans to producers that need to change their transportation fleet to refrigerated vehicles according the requirements of the Cold Chain Secretariat.